Strategic Public Relations Campaigns


Creating an effective PR campaign is not just about focusing on the press release, social media strategy or media distribution list.

To successfully engage your audience, you need to create a well-rounded strategic PR campaign that answers fundamental questions about your company, your brand and the event/product/service you’re promoting.

What do you want the media to know about your company and about you? What do you want the media to do with this information? Are you asking for them to review the product/service/film/TV series? Are you inviting them to attend an event and/or schedule an interview? Have you developed an in-depth media list that encompasses traditional and digital media and covers your industry (ie. business, sports, arts/entertainment) as well as provides general coverage?

These are the questions that you must ask yourself in order to create a successful strategic and integrated public relations strategy or media proposal. Through strategic planning sessions, I can help you discover the heart of your business and develop engaging, innovative and informative marketing campaigns, communications strategies, media plans and much more.

  •  Public Relations/Media Plans
  • Press Kits and Media Distribution Lists
  • Event Management
  • Project Management
  •  Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Communications Proposals

Check out some of my recent PR campaigns here and insights into film PR!

Contact me for pricing and strategic PR packages.


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