Strategic Public Relations Campaigns


Creating an effective PR campaign is not just about the news release, social media strategy or media distribution list.

To successfully engage your audience, you need to share with them compelling stories that show what makes your brand tick, why the causes you believe in are worth championing and why they (and by extension, their audiences) should share the news worldwide. Successful press and media relations is less about story pitching and more content sharing and relationship building, whether you’re working on a B2C press relations strategy or a longer-term B2B media and brand journalism program.

In order to start engaging stories with your audience, you need to ask yourself a few questions: What is is that you want the media and/or influencers to know about your brand? What is it about the new products that you’re launching that may assist in a particular cause, or the employee advocates you have, that would make for engaging stories?

These are the questions that you must ask yourself in order to create a successful strategic and integrated press and media relations strategy. Through strategic planning sessions, I can help you discover the compelling stories about your brand and drive the content develop for a B2C press relations strategy or B2B brand journalism program.

  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Press Kits and Media Distribution Lists
  • Media Relations Strategy
  • Project Management
  • B2B/B2C Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Communications Proposals

Check out some of my recent PR campaigns here and insights into film PR!

See the other content development services I offer here or contact me for pricing and strategic PR packages.

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