Social Media Marketing


Social media is all about developing relationships with fans, creating dedicated communities of advocates centered around a brand. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, developing and executing integrated, multi-channel social media marketing strategy is the best way to reach your target audiences on every platform they use.

Whether you have a blog or you want to learn how to navigate Twitter or Youtube, I can help. Compelling, creatively fun content on ANY platform is the key to getting audiences engaged and forming positive relationships with them.  Here are some of the ways I can help you achieve an integrated, successful multi-platform social media campaign:

Integrating Online & Offline Campaigns

Integrating your offline sales pitch (such as tradeshow materials) with your online properties through links, QR codes & social media accounts, allows you to extend your reach to potential fans to join your community and increase trust in your business. Through copywriting, I can help you tailor your message for each platform and design integrated collateral that will extend your social marketing offline and maximize your ability to reach the most of your market.

Creating Excitement with Contests & Promotions for Your Online Community

Build excitement within your online community and drive more brand loyalty by advertising a contest or promotion on through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms.

A contest creates competition between fans, generates buzz for your business organically and becomes viral when people ‘share’ the contest or enter the contest by writing an article that receives the most comments; which in turn reaches even more people. Influencers can be tapped to help promote the contest to their own audiences, creating more organic publicity. Entries can also be extended into a user-generated content strategy that sees you reward loyal brand advocates and create more longevity in your social media marketing campaign.

So if you’re looking to start a creative contest or promotion via social media, talk to me and I’ll help you set it up!

See the content development services I offer or contact me for pricing, packages and other writing projects.

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