Why In Retrospect?

In-Retrospect-businesscard logo

In Retrospect was inspired by my passion for creating creative and strategic content to help clients engage their prospective audiences and increase revenue. I thrive on helping clients discover who they are, what their brand is, who their audience is and most importantly, how to connect with their target markets in ways that builds brand loyalty for my clients and helps them stay ahead of the competition.

The ‘In’ aspect of my business name reflects my versatility in writing content for a wide spectrum of industries. From the tourism and hospitality industry to the interior design and architecture sector, I’ve developed many multi-platform, integrated and innovative campaigns incorporating advertising, public relations, blogging, copywriting and social media. The ‘Retrospect’ aspect of my business reflects my desire to help clients leverage off of their past marketing successes. Being retrospective is about looking back on past successes in each business and building upon those successes to discover new and innovative ways to help companies succeed and thrive.

My willingness to take on the challenge of developing strategic marketing programs for businesses in every industry proves to clients that I have the skills and experience to take their companies from infancy to successful continual growth.


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