Freelance Publishing

Print Media

Below is a list of my published magazine articles that have been featured in online and print magazine/news publications, review sites and other blogs all around the world.

Online & Print Publications (Local News)

Village VibeVarious articles covering new businesses and fun events in the Fernwood neighborhood (Dec 2011, Feb 2012, Apr 2012, Jun 2012, Oct 2012)

Parksville-Qualicum Beach News: Resorts reaping benefits from growing event (Coverage from Parksville Uncorked, March 2012)

Online Publications (Culinary Tourism and Business)

Jeweller Magazine (Melbourne, Australia): Optimise Your Images to Climb Google Ranks (April 2019)

Jeweller Magazine (Melbourne, Australia): Gain new customers with eye catching images (Feb 2019)

Jeweller Magazine (Melbourne, Australia): Attract new audiences with curation tools (July 2018)

Jeweller Magazine (Melbourne, Australia): Retail Tools to ease the Christmas Rush (December 2017)

Jeweller Magazine (Melbourne, Australia): Social Media Monitoring Made Easy (May 2017)

Avenue Calgary (Calgary, AB): 5 Pollinator-Friendly Flowers to Brighten Your Garden (Sponsored) (May 2017)

Vancouver Magazine (Vancouver, BC): You Can Now Travel to Hong Kong in the Ultimate Comfort (Cathay Pacific A350 article, March 2017)

Jeweller Magazine (Melbourne, Australia): 5 Free Methods to Boost Your Publicity Game Now (April 2016)

Jeweller Magazine (Melbourne, Australia): Turn Instagram Into a Shopping Delight (April 2015)

Business 2 Community: Various articles covering marketing techniques, platforms and tools, business insights and social media tips (2014)

Social Media Today: Articles covering social media tools/platforms, marketing tips and insights (2014)

EAT Magazine: Pimm’s Brunch Launch at Sauce Restaurant (June, 2012)

Island Times Magazine: A Culinary Adventure: Experiencing Parksville Uncorked 2012 (March, 2012)

Review Websites

Trip Advisor

Sante Spa: Experiencing the Arbutus Body Wrap at Sante Spa Victoria (June 2011)

Eagle Wing Whale Watching: Chasing the Whales: Whale-Watching for the First Time (June 2011)


Goodwin Creative

Unique Ways to Generate Leads Using Social Media (June 2019)

Why You Should Consider Starting a Podcast (June 2019)

Hervana Co-working Collective

Let’s Do Lunch: Podcasting 101 Recap (June 2019)

Try Hidden Gems

Almond Latte is the Perfect Afternoon Sipper (April 2019)


Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids (October 2016)

Inside Vancouver (Tourism Vancouver)

48 Hours in Vancouver Blog Series

48 Hours in Vancouver for Thrill Seekers (March 2014)

48 Hours in Vancouver for Scenic Viewpoints (March 2014)

48 Hours in Vancouver for Adventurous Families (March 2014)

48 Hours in Vancouver for Out-Of-The-Box Offbeat Shoppers (April 2014)

48 Hours in Vancouver for Luxury Vacationers (April 2014)

Tourism BC

China Beach: Discovering China & Botanical Beaches (Aug, 2011)

Filberg Heritage Lodge: A Historical Gem: Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park (Aug, 2011)

Big Time Tours

Tigh-Na-Mara: A Luxury Spa with Rustic Charm (Aug 2011)

Scuba Diving: Scuba Diving for the First Time (Aug 2011)

Comic Book Reviews

The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman (Aug 2017)

The Black Monday Murders by Jonathan Hickman (Aug 2017)

The Manhattan Project Vol 1 by Jonathan Hickman (Aug 2017)

Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen (Sept 2017)

Reborn Vol 1 by Mark Millar (Sept 2017)

Vikings: Uprising (Sept 2017)

The Wicked and The Divine Vol 1 by Gillen McKelvie (Oct 2017)

Kill or Be Killed Vol 1 by Ed Brubaker (Dec 2017)

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