New Year, New Look, New Services-& Some Brand New Content!

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013 to you and yours in Vancouver & Victoria!

With a new year, there are many new and exciting changes to In Retrospect Writing Services!

New Sophisticated & User-Friendly Design

I’ve created a new design and layout that better reflects the In Retrospect brand and it also looks more sophisticated and more user-friendly for all of my readers to navigate my blog. It wasn’t my intention originally, but the color scheme also fits with the winter season, the holidays and the New Year, so I hope you all enjoy!

Up-To-Date Portfolio, Media & Info Pages

On to all the new and updated pages, all linked and up for viewing on the navigation menu.  For those of you who have read about how In Retrospect Writing Services got started and about me, I’ve updated both sections with a short and sweet story on how everything came to be.

I’ve updated my list of clients and portfolio to reflect the latest projects I’ve worked on AND the list of publications I’ve written for is constantly expanding as I work to build up my experience in the media industry and magazine publishing.

Brand-New Services

With a new year comes a desire to focus on providing new services and expertise.  I will continue to offer clients my expertise in copywriting, social media and blogging. But I’m also expanding my focus to include the bigger picture of strategic planning, public relations consulting, corporate communications, project and event management.

Not only can my clients trust me to create marketing collateral, blog posts, websites and social media status updates, I will be offering them my experience and skills in creating strategic communications and public relations plans as well as marketing strategies. I will manage, develop, implement and execute each project from beginning to end; not just one website, one status update or one campaign, but the entire marketing picture.

Brand New Content

This year, in addition to blogging about my experiences, my travels and events on everything related to tourism, food & wine and interior design/architecture; I’ll also be focusing on marketing tips for businesses, top ten ad campaigns and reviewing business books and other publications.

Posts will be done, to the best of my ability, twice a month with each month featuring a marketing/business related post as well as a fun post on food, travel, events or interior design. Here are some examples of posts that I’m working on:

  • Top 10 Sports Ad Campaigns
  • Common Misconceptions About the Communications Industry (And Those In It)
  • Top 5 Dishes & Spirits I’ve Tasted in Victoria-Not in a Restaurant
  • Top 5 Associations to Network In No Matter What Industry You’re In
  • Discover Little Known Secrets As a Tourist in Your Home Town

Stay tuned for more exciting news, content and tips for your businesses as well as fun events, experiences and topics from all around BC, especially Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland!

Coming Soon…….New Year’s Resolutions in Marketing for Businesses

Thanks for reading and keep your eye on In Retrospect Writing Services for more exciting projects, content and news this year!


CHBA-Victoria’s Home & Garden Show-My Take

CHBA-Victoria’s Home & Garden Show-My Take

Although I’ve attended several home and garden shows over the years, including the show last year at the Bear Mountain Arena that featured a seminar from one of my absolute favorite color consultants, Jane Lockhart; the CHBA-Victoria show was among one of the largest home and garden shows I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, I arrived in between presentations and wasn’t able to take in seminars by either Inez Hanl of The Sky is The Limit Design and Jenny Martin of Jenny Martin Design; but there were booths and exhibits that I thought were creative, fun, well-thought out and ones I will look out for at future shows.

Here are some of the highlights:


What struck me about this company was the way they displayed their information on their products to help home and business owners reduce water use and achieve water conservation. Until I stumbled upon their exhibit, I had never heard of an Ipod app that could be used for water conservation at home and at the office. I thought the product was ingenious and I am looking forward to seeing more from this company.

Michelle Matte Interiors

Michelle Matte was one of the few interior designers at the show that had a creative and elegant display. She had a beautiful black chaise lounger along with a white carpet and a lamp, next to a TV that showed a slideshow of some of her recent projects. It was comfortable and yet luxurious and among the best of the displays I’d seen.  I found her display and her work to be elegant, warm and certainly would consider working with her on my home, when I become a homeowner.

Western Living Magazine’s Showroom

The showroom put together by Western Living Magazine stuck out in my mind because of some of the more eclectic and eccentric décor elements. A table carved in the shape of a black boar with a glass tabletop, chairs with cow hide backrests, eclectic lights and pink walls certainly stood out in my mind as risqué and different in terms of interior design. I did however, appreciate the deep soaker tubs and modern vanities that they also had on display. But I have to say that in spite of the unique display, I have no intentions of painting my bathroom walls pink, however ‘in’ that might be for this year.

Twelve₃- Sustainable Micro Housing

Twelve₃ is a company with a concept similar to that of Lanefab Homes in Vancouver ; they produce custom made pre-fabricated extensions for current homes to use as rental or storage spaces, secondary suites and even as affordable housing. I was fascinated to learn that their homes are available in 12 x 12 and 12 x 16 sizes and they use the latest in energy saving and efficiency and solar power technology. They even have the capabilities of having your new home or extension to be off the grid. I’ll definitely be following this company via Twitter to see what new projects come their way.

Home Design & Renovation Tour 2011

This display was on behalf of the annual fundraiser for Young Life, a Christian ministry dedicated to helping teens. Having never seen a home renovation tour being utilized as a fundraiser, I’m interested to see what the 13 homes on the tour have to offer and what expertise the designers on site will be able to share. This event is one I am definitely interested in attending.