Below is the list of resources that I’ve found for marketing and copywriting.


This is a great website for copywriters, advertisers, graphic designers etc. with everything from a job board to top ten ads, a forum, posted online portfolios and even an ask the expert section known as ‘Ask Jancy’.

This is another informative website strictly for writers, with sections on copywriting, keyword research, content marketing, SEO copywriting, landing pages and internet marketing. There’s several informative articles with tips on how to become a better writer for each section.


This website really helps when you’re stuck and have a case of writer’s block. It acts as a rhyming dictionary for words as well as a thesaurus.


Marketing Magazine

News, articles, videos, job board, industry links as well as products and services in the marketing industry.

Canadian Marketing Association

CMA’s site has the latest marketing news, case studies, research and upcoming events.

My Zimbio
Top Stories

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