Unit Publicity for Indie Film & Television Portfolio

I’m pleased to announce my brand new 2017-2018 Unit Publicity Portfolio that showcases my experience in running PR campaigns and media relations strategies for indie film & television projects all over the world. If you’re interested in my PR strategies, please contact me for more info. Take a look at my case studies for more in-depth looks into my project as well.

New Year, New Look, New Services-& Some Brand New Content!

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013 to you and yours in Vancouver & Victoria!

With a new year, there are many new and exciting changes to In Retrospect Writing Services!

New Sophisticated & User-Friendly Design

I’ve created a new design and layout that better reflects the In Retrospect brand and it also looks more sophisticated and more user-friendly for all of my readers to navigate my blog. It wasn’t my intention originally, but the color scheme also fits with the winter season, the holidays and the New Year, so I hope you all enjoy!

Up-To-Date Portfolio, Media & Info Pages

On to all the new and updated pages, all linked and up for viewing on the navigation menu.  For those of you who have read about how In Retrospect Writing Services got started and about me, I’ve updated both sections with a short and sweet story on how everything came to be.

I’ve updated my list of clients and portfolio to reflect the latest projects I’ve worked on AND the list of publications I’ve written for is constantly expanding as I work to build up my experience in the media industry and magazine publishing.

Brand-New Services

With a new year comes a desire to focus on providing new services and expertise.  I will continue to offer clients my expertise in copywriting, social media and blogging. But I’m also expanding my focus to include the bigger picture of strategic planning, public relations consulting, corporate communications, project and event management.

Not only can my clients trust me to create marketing collateral, blog posts, websites and social media status updates, I will be offering them my experience and skills in creating strategic communications and public relations plans as well as marketing strategies. I will manage, develop, implement and execute each project from beginning to end; not just one website, one status update or one campaign, but the entire marketing picture.

Brand New Content

This year, in addition to blogging about my experiences, my travels and events on everything related to tourism, food & wine and interior design/architecture; I’ll also be focusing on marketing tips for businesses, top ten ad campaigns and reviewing business books and other publications.

Posts will be done, to the best of my ability, twice a month with each month featuring a marketing/business related post as well as a fun post on food, travel, events or interior design. Here are some examples of posts that I’m working on:

  • Top 10 Sports Ad Campaigns
  • Common Misconceptions About the Communications Industry (And Those In It)
  • Top 5 Dishes & Spirits I’ve Tasted in Victoria-Not in a Restaurant
  • Top 5 Associations to Network In No Matter What Industry You’re In
  • Discover Little Known Secrets As a Tourist in Your Home Town

Stay tuned for more exciting news, content and tips for your businesses as well as fun events, experiences and topics from all around BC, especially Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland!

Coming Soon…….New Year’s Resolutions in Marketing for Businesses

Thanks for reading and keep your eye on In Retrospect Writing Services for more exciting projects, content and news this year!