Experiencing a Girl’s Night Mixer-A Fundraiser for the Bridges for Women Society

In the years since I’ve become a young adult, both legally and through rites of passage, I’ve never attended a ladies-only event, whether it was a night at the club or even a fundraiser.

After meeting Veronique Da Silva and reading up online about the Girl’s Night Mixer that she organized along with Nicole Sims a few times a year as a fundraiser to benefit the Bridges for Women Society, I decided it was worth a try. After all, it was something completely different than the networking events I’d been to in town and moreover, it was meant to be casual, fun and relaxed. Networking for business wasn’t the point, it was to make new friends and enjoy some entertainment.

Union Pacific was the venue and it definitely suited the night’s events. People lounged on benches, chairs and black cushioned cubes and the food Union Pacific provided was pretty good as well. The highlights of the night for me were all about the mingling and the entertainment, headlined by the amazing music of Daniel Lapp, one of the fiddlers involved in a segment of the opening ceremonies to the Vancouver 2010 Games last year.

I managed to connect with people of all different occupations and with different personal and professional experiences from myself as well. Though the name is still Girl’s Night Mixer, this event had a good mix of men and women and I met with several of them from experienced well-known graphic designer Alastair Chesson to Design District Studio’s Danisha Drury. I spoke with piano teachers, artists, a pediatrician, financial advisors-the list goes on.

Daniel Lapp performed his first set at roughly 9 pm, after a story by Newfoundland story teller Catherine Sheehan. The music was energetic and fast-paced and provided a great beat. Though there wasn’t a lot of room to dance because of the number of people, it was still fun to see people moving to the beat. I got into a lively discussion with Anthony Sanna during the set about food and how it was different during his recent trip to Texas and on why the choices we make on food can directly and negatively affect us.

Overall, it was a really great night, lots of fun and laughs and even though I left an hour and half or so before the event ended at midnight due to a long day, I’m looking forward to the next event.


Thanks to Veronique and Nicole for an amazing event!