Culinary Expeditions Part One: Food Truck Hunting & Restaurant Dining in Vancouver

Bada-Bing's Menu

Though I’d seen many food trucks around the downtown core in Vancouver the previous few summers, I’d never had a chance to try any of them, owing to a lack of time and other commitments.

Finally, on Easter weekend, I made it my mission to hunt down at least one food truck and see for myself the quality of the food and why the craze was so popular. However, there were a few issues that I had miscalculated.

Having only seen food trucks in abundance in and around downtown in the summer, I made the mistake of thinking that every food truck would not only be open 7 days a week, year round, but stationed somewhere downtown; all I had to do was look for them. Unfortunately, I was wrong and the end result was a mad hunt around Vancouver’s downtown core on an empty stomach.

I found out later that each food truck only operates on certain days and they’re all stationed in different areas at different times; and the best way to keep track of them was to use a combination of Vancouver Street Eats for a list of food truck names and locations as well as each food truck’s Twitter page.

Finally, after a 20 minute search, we found the Bada Bing Food Truck right in front of the Burrard Skytrain station.  Serving up halal meat and a bit of Middle Eastern twist on things like Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches and poutine, I couldn’t wait to try it.

My partner and I both ordered the Chicken Rice Box, complete with seasoned veggies and rice along with Strawberry Crush to drink, which I saw for the first time ever that day. It was absolutely delicious, with the right hint of spice and flavour. The teriyaki sauce that we both drizzled over the rice and chicken gave the entire meal the extra bit of sweetness.

Although we started the food truck hunt without a specific truck or destination in mind, the amazing first expression by Bada Bing definitely has me looking forward to summer in Vancouver and discovering more food trucks!

Even though our second attempt at finding a food truck that weekend was unsuccessful, we did have a wonderful lunch at Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar by Waterfront Skytrain Station.  I’d been there twice before, but always for the more Westernized meals of pasta and sandwiches. This time, I decided to try something different and ordered their Big Chicken Wonton Soup. The sweetness of the soup and the wonton filling wasn’t what I’d been used eating to growing up, but it was still very tasty.

Overall, I’d consider the ‘culinary expedition’ in Vancouver to be a success, having been able to try out at least one food truck and I’m definitely looking forward to adding more ‘culinary expeditions’ to the list soon!


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