A Bird’s Eye View of Vancouver & Victoria: Flying Harbour Air for the First Time

Aerial view of Downtown Vancouver

As a semi-frequent commuter between Vancouver and Victoria, I’d somewhat resigned myself to living with long lineups and commutes to and from the Lower Mainland on BC Ferries. However, a Groupon that my partner and I spotted late last year changed all that.

For $100, we were able to purchase $200 worth of credit from Harbour Air Seaplanes to be used for tickets, merchandise or whatever we chose.  As luck would have it, we were due back in Vancouver for a trip to see family as catch the Behind the Myths Tour, which I’ll be talking about in the next post.

So we decided that we would take the ferry there, but fly back. I’d never flown Harbour Air before, but I’d heard from others about how fast seaplanes were, but that you also had to be willing to pay the extra price for quick travel. The Groupon gave us the best deal I’d ever encountered with travel, we only ended up paying $45 out of pocket for the one-way trip for both of us.

And what a trip it was! Although the smaller plane made much more noise than I’m used to with planes and you can feel more of the turbulence when the wind hit, the view was incredible.

Seeing Canada Place, the Convention Centre and the downtown core from a bird’s eye view as we were taking off was definitely something to behold, even though it was cloudy as we left Vancouver. It was a view I would never forget. The view was completely white at times as the plane flew through the clouds. When the plane broke through the clouds though, the result was an absolutely gorgeous view of the sunny blue sky and the sun glistening off the water.

As we got closer to Victoria’s Inner Harbour, the view of the golf courses, Dallas Road and Ogden Point was even more breathtaking. It was sunny in Victoria which somehow made the view even more spectacular. As we landed in the heart of the Inner Harbour, the landing was also nothing like what I’d expected. I’d expected a bumpy landing like a plane landing on the tarmac, instead the landing was so smooth I barely felt it and it was all over in just over half an hour!

For anyone looking for a faster way to travel as well as great scenery, I’d definitely recommend Harbour Air Seaplanes. Take advantage of their web saver rates as well as other discounts and next time, you can travel from the Inner Habour to Coal Harbour in less than 45 minutes!


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