A Taste of Spain in Our Own Backyard: Dinner at The Tapa Bar

Although my partner and I have dined at several amazing restaurants in Victoria, more often than not, we would eat at a particular restaurant once; enjoy the experience, but still move on to next one on our list.

One Saturday night, however, we decided to re-visit a restaurant that became a favorite after our first time there over a year ago. Seeing how busy The Tapa Bar in Trounce Alley was on that Saturday night wasn’t surprising, it’s always been busy every time we walked by.

We waited about ten minutes before being seated at the bar inside, enjoying mojitos and a glass of white wine sangria before being seated outside on the patio.

It was warmer than most nights, even with the heat lamps and we decided to order just a few tapas plus a pizza.

The Veggie Cubanette was an open-faced sandwich with avocado, tomato salsa, beans and Portobello mushrooms. If you’ve never had grilled Portobello mushrooms, I highly recommend it. I can still taste that smoky, meaty flavor in my mouth, it’s absolutely amazing.

We also ordered the pollo de ajillo, garlic chicken wings that were served with bread. The amount of salt on the wings was good and the fragrant garlic was great to dip the bread into as a sauce.
Our last course was the pesto pizza, made with cilantro pesto, walnuts and green apples. Though I usually love pesto, I found that cilantro pesto was a little overpowering, the peppery flavor overwhelming everything else. It was also a little unusual to have walnuts on a pizza, but since we already ordered chicken wings, I wanted to try something different from the smoked chicken pizza.

In spite of the pizza, I’d say that overall, our second time at the Tapa Bar was still positive. The food, as always, is delicious and their drinks are creative. I don’t think I’ve had a glass of white wine sangria that I’ve enjoyed so much before.

It’s definitely a spot I’d want to introduce our friends to next time around.

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