A Slice of Strawberry Shortcake and a Walk around the Lagoon: Spending the Day With Strawberry Tea and Hatley Castle

A few weeks ago, I was perusing the Tourism Victoria events calendar looking for events to attend with new friends of mine; when I stumbled upon the Strawberry Tea event being held at the Christ of Our Lord Church.

I’d seen the Christ of Our Lord several times in passing and the original Gothic-style architecture drew me to it even before we walked inside. Originally built in 1876, Christ of Our Lord is the oldest church in Victoria, but you’d never known it with the way it has been beautifully restored. The Cridge Memorial Hall has even been restored to the original design of renowned architect Samuel Maclure.

The four of us walked into the church and were seated at a table with beautiful, intricate china cups, plates and saucers and given enormous slices of one of the most delicious strawberry shortcakes I’d ever eaten. Paired with a great tea that contained a hint of strawberries, it was a great way to spend the early afternoon.

We left the church and decided to pay a visit to Royal Road University and Hatley Castle. It’d been three years since I’d last been to RRU, last time I visited was as an employee, but I was happy to see that it was still as peaceful and tranquil as I remembered.

We spent some time taking photos of the Lagoon and enjoying the castle grounds. Unfortunately, there was a wedding at the castle that day and my partner and I were unable to show our friends the full beauty of Hatley Castle’s gardens. But we plan to return there soon to show them exactly why out of all of the places I’ve ever worked in, RRU will always be my favorite environment. 

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