Sailing the Waters of Pedder Bay and Beyond

My partner and I love fishing, but we’ve struggled for awhile to find a good spot to fish as we can’t afford our own boat or the fees for a fishing charter. But, recently, we got lucky because Groupon came to the rescue and we decided to take advantage of a great deal to rent one of the boats from Pedder Bay Resort & Marina in Metchosin.

The boat in question for the Groupon was a beautiful 16” fiberglass Hourston Runabout power boat that could fit up to 4 people with ½ of a canvas top to keep the sun away. With a fishing rod, net, a tub to put the fish in and even a map of the key fishing areas close to the marina, we were off.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, with the sun out, causing the light to glisten off the water. As we pulled out of the marina, we could see other fishing charter boats as well as privately owned boats with some funny names like ‘Tuggy’ and ‘Aussie Rules’. We even saw a raccoon running up and down the beach, presumably digging for clams for his dinner.

It was an eye opener for me because I’d never been out on a power boat before and it was a completely different way for me to experience the island. I took as many photos as I could, soaking in the environment and the beautiful scenery for as long as we were out there. Snow capped mountains could be seen over the points of the Rocky Point Ammo Depot on the right and William Head Correctional Facility on the left.

It was the best way to experience everything Vancouver Island has to offer on the water. As we got farther out along Christopher Point and to the Race Rocks, we saw three seals relaxing on the rocky beach on an island just a little ways from the lighthouse at the Race Rocks. They started calling pretty loudly and we managed to get some video footage of them talking to each other while we were in the area.

The waves were larger in certain spots as we got further out from shore, partly because there were other rental boats and private fishing vessels moving past us in the area. Being that the Hourston was a much smaller boat that I was used to, it also meant I was feeling the effects of seasickness more than I usually would be.

As we sailed around the area, we also made a point to stop in several key areas, such as the Race Rocks, William Head, Whirl Bay and Christopher Point and drop our line over the side of the boat. Although we ultimately didn’t end up catching any salmon, it was relaxing to eat our picnic lunch on the boat and just bask in the sunshine.

On our way back, we managed to capture a few photos of four loons swimming along the waves. It was one of the best experiences I’d ever had being on the water. We arrived back on land, exhausted but relaxed and raring to try it again, next time with more fishing rods, better bait for salmon and maybe even a bigger boat with some friends.

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