Viva Italia!: Pizzeria Prima Strada’s The Best Stop for Lunch

On a Saturday afternoon, wanting to have something to ear before grocery shopping overwhelmed us; my partner and I stopped at Cook St. Village to make our weekly trip to our favorite butcher and seafood shop, Island Meat & Seafood. We’d walked past the Cook St. location of Pizzeria Prima Strada many times and talked often about how we wanted to try it.

I knew from all the press coverage they received from the opening of the Cook St. location that their claim to fame was authentic wood oven pizzas. I’ve always been a huge fan of wood oven pizzas and it’d been years since I’d had one, so I convinced my partner that Pizzeria Prima Strada was where I wanted to be for lunch.

We walked in and were seated at the beautiful marble bar with a full view of the open kitchen, or at least the kitchen area that the pizzas were made. The wood oven was huge and very rustic looking and the three guys behind the bar worked like clockwork to keep up with all the pizza orders. Unlike some other restaurants I’d been to, they were really quick in putting on the ingredients and sliding the pizzas into the oven; turnaround time was amazing.

The décor of the restaurant was comfortable as well; everything from the blackboard advertising the day’s special (it was BLT pizza, by the way) to the large decorative ball lighting and the tables gave the restaurant a comfortable, rustic and no-frills kind of atmosphere. What you saw, was what you got and Pizzeria Prima Strada is a restaurant that lets the food, rather than the décor do the talking.

We ordered the Funghi pizza with porcini cream, roasted mushrooms, fresh thyme, mozzarella and pecorino cheese, substituting the roasted onions for sausage as my partner has a long time aversion to onions. And let me tell you, it was amazing! The crust was just the right thickness and the flavors of the ingredients just meshed together beautifully.

My partner joked that the next time we went there, we’d probably have to order two separate pizzas because he’d never seen me inhale a pizza so fast before. Well, he was definitely right about that, because it was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in years.

So if you’re in the neighborhood on the weekend or for a get-together, do check out Pizzeria Prima Strada if you haven’t yet…it’s worth it!

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