The Inside Look on a Luxury Property-From a Local’s Perspective (Part One: Abigail’s Hotel)

Approximately a month ago, I received the opportunity to meet with key people working in some of the most beautiful hotel properties in the city. Some of these meetings also included tours, areas that many locals don’t get to experience, on account of rarely paying for a room at these properties. I thought I’d share some of my experiences on those tours and during those meetings. Hence, Part One of the Inside Look on a Luxury Property from a Local’s Perspective was born. The first installment will be on the luxurious bed-and-breakfast hotel, Abigail’s Hotel. I decided to share my thoughts of each property as a way of spreading the word to more locals to enjoy the city’s established, unique and beautiful accommodations as well as give tourists and travelers some extra information they may not receive elsewhere.

At present, the Inside Look on a Luxury Property from a Local’s Perspective is looking like it will be a trilogy, however, I hope to keep adding to it as I experience more of the luxury hotel properties in the city and what they have to offer.

Without further ado, here’s Part one, featuring Abigail’s Hotel

A Little History on Abigail’s Hotel

Abigail’s was built in the 1930s as a Tudor revival- style apartment building known as the Bessborough Apartments.

Abigail's Hotel

Until 1985, the Bessborough operated as a eight-suite luxury apartment building, it was then restored with all of its original Tudor architecture and turned into a 17 room bed and breakfast inn.

In 1998, the Coach House was built alongside the main house, adding six luxury guestrooms with wet bars, king-sized four poster beds, wood burning fireplaces and jetted tubs.

In 2005, Abigail’s added a spa treatment room (The Pearl) providing their guests with more luxurious comfort and the best in manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and other spa treatments.

It was a taste of this luxury that I experienced on my own personal tour of Abigail’s, conducted by none other than Abigail’s accommodating Director of Sales and Marketing, Allison Fairhurst.

A Tour of the Ultimate Comfort Away from Home

To say that I immediately felt at home upon walking into the front foyer of Abigail’s would be an understatement, I think.  It was raining the day I visited and to step inside the warm, cozy and yet elegantly decorated foyer felt to me, like having a refuge from the storm.


My next stop after the foyer was in the library, sitting comfortably on an armchair and enjoying a nice cup of tea while Allison and I chatted about the hotel. The library was beautiful, rich, dark wood from floor and ceiling and floor to ceiling books on top of it. Paired with soft armchairs and an oversized couch, it was like the majestic library from the movies, comfortable and elegant, yet full of knowledge.

As we discussed the marketing techniques that Abigail’s used and how they reached their audiences to raise awareness about the hotel and increase reservations through social media and key tourism publications, Allison suggested taking a look at a few of the rooms they still had available for that week.

One of the Sunflower Rooms, Abigail’s entry level room category, was our first stop. It may have been entry level in price, but there was nothing entry level about the room itself. It was gorgeous, everything swathed in black and gold,

Sunflower Room

from the bedsheets and duvet to the curtains. A roomy window seat added a touch of extra old-world class. Old-world elegance is the best way to describe it, with colors one would have expected to see on nobility in England in the 16th, 17th centuries. It was elegant without being pretentious and it was a color scheme befitting of luxury.

The next room I had the pleasure of viewing was the Country Room, Abigail’s second level room category. Slightly larger than the Sunflower Room in square footage, it had all the warmth and charm you’d expect out of something country themed, but without the overall heaviness of too many antiques, knick-knacks or panels of flowered wallpaper. The one feature wall with the red flowered wallpaper was tasteful and served as an anchor point to tie the rest of the room together. The room had the feeling of a cozy country cottage, which carried over to the bathroom.  Unlike the smaller Sunflower Room, the Country Room had an old-fashioned claw foot tub, with a custom-fitted rain shower head, adding a touch of contemporary technology to the overall country farmhouse feel.

Country Room double bed

The last room I had the opportunity to see was the Honeymoon Room, Abigail’s highest level room category.  It was the epitome of luxury, with stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, a king-sized four poster bed, wood-burning fireplace and a two person jetted tub and shower. Elegant fixtures and marble in the bathroom also added to the exquisite comfort. It was bright and airy and it fit the ideal dream of a honeymoon suite. It was more than a room, it was a getaway miles from the ordinary that I want the opportunity to experience for real.

Abigail’s Unparalleled Service and Step Up on the Competition

Abigail’s has a step up on the competition not just through the warmth, luxury and elegance of the property’s décor,

Honeymoon Suite

but through its unparalleled service. Abigail’s has the unique distinction of advertising in the bed and breakfast market as well as the hotel market and their service reflects this with daily gourmet breakfast (available through direct bookings), hors d’oeuvres between 5 and 7 pm daily, complimentary bottled water and fresh cookies in the rooms upon arrival.

It’s this amazing service that I believe puts Abigail’s a step above the competition and that attracts me to look at Abigail’s as a potential place for me to celebrate my anniversary.

I look forward to sharing more about my experience at Abigail’s after my next visit and hope to enjoy its unique and warm hospitality for myself.

Thanks to Allison for the amazing tour, great conversation and inside look on Abigail’s Hotel.


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